Monday, December 16, 2013

~~**Holiday Centerpiece using ETCHALL**~~

Today I have a tutorial from ANGELA HOLT DESIGNS
using the awesome product from  Etchall

Etchall etching crème is a re-usable crème that produces
a white opaque, permanent etched finish on glass, mirror,
ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate.
First I began by cutting out a snowflake pattern with vinyl using my Silhoutte CAMEO.
Once I cut it out I took  transfer tape and adhered it to the patteren... this allows
you to transfer the pattern onto your project piece... and the great thing about Etchall is you can find all these products on their website for all your etching projects

Now once applied you MUST work out the air bubbles to get a seal onto your project piece.... you don't want any bubbles to allow the ETCHALL to seap under the vinyl. Use the squeegie, found at etchall, to work out those air bubbles... after all you don't want to make an oopsy!!!
I randomly added several snowflakes to my piece!

Next you want to apply the cream on... working out it all over with the squeegie and the secret is to apply the cream on THICK LIKE PEANUT BUTTER... hehehehe! I love that :D
Leave on for 15 minutes!!!

Now the COOL THING about ETCHALL... you simply scrap  
off the cream once the time is up and return it to the
jar for more uses on other projects!!!

Next step... HEAD TO THE SINK and give your piece
a real good rinsing to remove the excess left behind!!!

Here is the Chimney once the etching process is complete,
 but I wanted to one step further so I left my snowflakes on for this part too...

So using Arclyic paint I made a "white wash" by
just adding some water to my paint!

 I applied the wash and then with a paper towel and working in the same
direction I wiped the "white wash" back off... I wanted this to have a frosty snowy look!!!

 You see the really awesome part to ETCHALL is it can be painted!!!
Visit the website to check out all the GORGEOUS projects
that have been created doing this process :)
Next I used my heat gun to help set the wash, removed the
vinyl and then let it dry over night!!!


 TAAA DAAA.... here is my holiday centerpiece using Etchall...
Visit the website for everything you need to do your
etching projects... Vinyl, transfer paper, tools and more!!!
For the floral part I used holiday floral pics, greenery, gold lamay wired ribbon,
a 5" candle, Aleene's glitter snow, styrophome and a candle spike

This is going to my good friend Jessica... she won it
during a Secret Santa game we participated in!!!

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