Friday, June 3, 2016


Hello crafty peoples...
Back again with another project for Gone Artsy!
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Howdy lovely crafty people... well I went and done it folks... I SEWED!!! Now those who know me.. know I am a no sew gal., but last Christmas, well it was an early gift... my son's got me a sewing machine. Well the hubby and I had went away for an over night stay to a casino boat where they had this adorable scarf/neck accessory... NOW, you already know it was expensive!... my husband said, "you can make that"... he's so supportive God love him! Well, I did! Using the beautiful Ivory Dragonfly Lace - GA818 and the Tear Drop Dangle Lace (GA319) I created my own. The tear drop lace has a loopy trim that runs along the edge... I just trimmed that off and stitched it along both sides of the dragon fly lace. I chose these two laces to go together because the tear drop reminded me of the tail of the dragon fly in the dragon fly lace... next I made a pin out of the High Heel Embellishment - GA680. I just attached a closure using E600. I am very pleased with my little version of this wonderful accessory... Gone Artsy products are not only for the crafters... but the seamstresses too... this beginning one for sure!!! ;)

 .... I added it to a pillow case to give an extra touch. Using the lovely wide laces from Gone Artsy and adding them to a set of pillow cases always make for a fabulous gift... especially a wedding gift for the bride and groom.


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